Our Mission

Happy Homes, Friendly Neighbors, Thriving Communities. Reliant Realty is dedicated to managing, maintaining, and providing affordable housing across the country.

Reliant Realty is a full service property management company providing legal, accounting, security, compliance, and maintenance services and affordable housing. Our highly trained staff, comprised of approximately 700 personnel across 10,000 units over 6 different states, is committed to our clients, tenants, and buildings. Our management experience ensures smooth operations at all our properties at the asset level.

Affordable Housing

From our extensive experience managing affordable and low-income housing, Reliant Realty is eager to provide beautiful homes for reasonable rates. Our units offer attentive maintenance and trusted security without breaking the bank.

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Our Values

Well managed, well kept, and well priced, our properties offer all the comforts of home at affordable rates to fit any budget.

Residents and renters can feel at ease knowing we provide innovative and time tested methods to ensure our communities are safe and secure.


Our highly trained staff specializes in managing and maintaining positive relationships throughout the housing process.

Readily available, we tend to our properties insuring total compliance with regular audits and inspections.

With experiences in occupancy, leasing management, and affordable housing business modeling, we provide solutions to achieve total occupancy and full compliance.

Community Oriented

Most importantly, we believe in building strong communities. We’re committed to providing safe and comfortable homes for all our tenants to revitalize and strengthen underserved communities.

Better Living

Well kept and comfortably secure, you’ll be happy to call a Reliant residence home. Our attentive management keeps communities safe so friendly neighborhoods can grow and thrive.

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Our Team

Our caring staff comprised of highly trained and attentive individuals oversee all aspects of life at Reliant residences. From management to maintenance, legal to leasing, compliance to community, and everything in between. Our team is there for you when you need us.

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Property Management and Compliance

From legal issues and leasing to repairs and upkeep, our management team maintains a record of excellence. Our experienced staff of experts is prepared to handle a wide range of issues including all matters related to compliance in addition to (re)certifications, property lease-ups, staffing, and more. We’re proud to report that a Reliant property has never been issued a notice of non-compliance.

Securing Safe and Compliant Properties

Among our topmost concerns is the safety of our properties and residents. Our sister company, Reliant Safety, is prepared to efficiently handle any and all issues that may arise with courtesy and professionalism. Our trained security specialists ensure all Reliant properties are as secure as they are compliant.

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Contact Our Management Support Staff

We invite owners and property management to contact our offices with all questions and inquiries. Please use the below form to contact our team.